Terms of participation

By ticking the terms of participation, I am confirming, on the basis of my own voluntary decision, that I agree and consent to the below mentioned terms determined by the organiser of events, OVIRATLON OBSTACLE CHALLENGE.

I agree and consent that:

all data in the registration form is true and I will participate in the event based on my free decision and consent;

the entry fee is paid, full age is a condition to take part in the event. The minimum age limit is 16 years. Minors between 16 and 18 years of age must have a written permission of their parents and/or guardians and be at the event accompanied by parents and/or guardians;

since the event requires increased physical effort and strain, additional conditions for participation in the event are that i) I am healthy, ii) completely prepared to take part in the event, iii) I have passed medical examination, and iv) I have no  health limitations or restrictions;

I will respect all the instructions of the organiser and I agree with all terms, instructions and decisions of the organiser. The organiser of the event has taken care of the safety of participants and conformity of event venue to the fullest extent possible also by anticipating a mandatory way of overcoming individual obstacles, with which I am familiar and I am aware that I am also obliged to comply with it;

the way of overcoming the obstacles, for which the organiser has not provided a compulsory way of overcoming them, is left to my own choice and creativity, but I am obliged to estimate and choose the way which is in relation to all subjective and objective circumstances for me the most appropriate and safe.

I understand that the Oviratlon Obstacle Challenge is a test of endurance, mental strength and skills. An integral part of the Oviratlon Obstacle Challenge, but not solely, are activities such as running, overcoming of military-type obstacles (e.g. infantry obstacles), crawling through narrow spaces, free or secured climbing, jumping from heights, carrying and lifting heavy loads, crossing muddy areas and meeting with high voltage. I am also aware that I have to assess my abilities, capacity, health condition and other circumstances, and that throughout the event I participate in accordance with this, and that I can resign and I am not obliged to overcome obstacles or an individual obstacle (in accordance with the rules of the event), which I consider to be too demanding, too dangerous, etc. (considering my abilities, capacity or any other circumstance).

I am also informed with the fact that at any time during the event, in* accordance with the rules, I can resign from the event.

I declare that I am aware of the dangers and risks that may arise in connection with participation in this event/competition, and that in case of any damage, such as, but not exclusively, body injuries, bodily pain, fear, mental anguish and damage to property, I will not sue the organiser and/or request its compensation for any damage or pay compensation. I am familiar that I compete based on my free consent and on my own responsibility and that the organiser does not take responsibility for the occurrence of possible damage, both direct and indirect, in any form.

I am familiar that the organiser shall not be liable for any loss, material damage, other claims, costs or expenses, that might arise in connection with my participation in the event.

I agree that the organiser uses personal data that I have entered in the registration form for the purposes connected with my participation in this event. I agree that all data from the registration form and the results of the event can be published in mass media and on websites, related to the event, including my photographs, film and video, interviews, etc. without the organisers or media needing my special permission and without expecting or requiring any compensation and/or payment.

I understand that the organiser does not return the cost of the entry fee or any other costs in connection with the OVIRATLON OBSTACLE CHALLENGE under any circumstances, except in the case the organiser cancels the event or in the case of exceptional circumstances on the side of the participant. In case of an injury, the entry fee can be transferred to another person, or the participant transfers the rights from the paid entry fee to the next OVIRATLON OBSTACLE CHALLENGE. In case the entry fee is refunded due to extraordinary circumstances that arise on the side of the participant, the organiser, by making a decision that the emergency situation truly arose on the side of the participant, justifying the repayment of the entry fee, the organiser reserves the right, in this case to return 5 EUR less than the paid fee (amount representing administrative costs incurred by the organiser, relating to registrations, refunding entry fees, including costs associated with the return of banking services).


The organiser will use personal data of the participants and store it in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of RS, no. 86/2004 and on). With the participation, the participant allows the organiser to store and process the above-mentioned personal data in its databases for indefinite period of time and/or by the time the participant will have cancelled the written consent.

The organiser of the OVIRATLON OBSTACLE CHALLENGE can cancel the event or modify the course route and obstacles. The organiser can also modify these terms of participation. The organiser will inform the participants and other public on potential changes on its website.

In case the organiser cancels the event, the entry fees will be refunded to participants.

The participant has all the rights in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Official Gazette of RS, no. 20/1998 and on).