HOFER Oviratlon

HOFER Oviratlon is an attractive and elemental trial of oneself on the 8 to 10-kilometer long route with different obstacles.

HOFER Oviratlon is not a competition or a battle with time. It is a test of endurance, strength and skills with the help of your best friend, a relative, a colleague or a complete stranger.

HOFER Oviratlon is more than a challenge!

Friendship, cooperation and unselfish help are the values that count most in HOFER Oviratlon. Overcoming it, your life will never be like it used to be.


HOFER Oviratlon

Obstacles are placed following an example of tests and training of members of modern special forces. In preparing them, our team always takes advantage of the natural characteristics of the terrain where HOFER Oviratlon takes place.

Good cause

HOFER Oviratlon

HOFER Oviratlon staff are striving to actualise the HOFER Oviratlon values as much as possible also while coping with daily challenges.

This is one of the reasons why we donate an amount of each entry fee to those children who – due to various circumstances – are forced to invest much more effort in overcoming obstacles and trials of everyday life.


HOFER Oviratlon

HOFER Oviratlon and its obstacles are easily overcome with a good team.

A skilful and well-played team of HOFER Oviratlon acts also as an organiser. Each strives to be the best in their area, but all together we form a team which in an extremely short period of time managed to make HOFER Oviratlon one of the most massive, popular recreational events in Slovenia, having great attention in mass media.


HOFER Oviratlon

With our partners, we are even better!

At every step we try to justify your trust, whereby we strive to be even more successful due to joint cooperation.


HOFER Oviratlon

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